martes, 22 de julio de 2008

Bang Bang Bazooka - Hell Yeah (2007)

Track List----------
1. I'm The Devil 3:41
2. Burn Bobby Burn 3:17
3. How How How 3:14
4. City Boy 2:28
5. Dutch Mountain Breakdown 2:08
6. Rockabilly Guy 2:26
7. Werewolf On The Prowl 3:36
8. Runaway Train 4:08
9. Evil Women 2:55
10. Up To You 4:16
11. Dragon Tattoo 3:38
12. The Butcher 2:46


2.Pink and black Cadillac
3.The good, the bad, the rockin'
4.Say you're mine
5.Tattooed lady
6.Rollin' like a wheel
7.Some cat's got it
8.Love you anyway
9.Off your rocker
10.Too bad, she's bad
11.She ain't my gal


Levi Dexter-Rockabilly Idol
Rockabilly Idol
Room To Rock
Note From The South
All Thru The Night
Its The Beat
I'm Gone
Cat Fight
21 Days In Jail
The Other Side Of Midnight
Victim Of CoolI
Get So Excited
Let Er Roll
Jitterbop Baby
Joint Jumpin
Just Go Wild Over Rock 'n' Roll
Hot 'n' Cold
Lonesome Train
16 Chicks
Go Go Go
All I Can Do Is Cry
Rip It Up
Slow Down

viernes, 11 de julio de 2008

Royal Crown Revue-Mugzy's Move

1.Hey Pachuco
2.Zip Gun Bop
3.Mugzy's Move
4.I Love The Life I Live
5.The Walkin' Blues
6.Beyond The Sea
7.Park's Place
8.Dating' With No Dough
9.Trouble In Tinsel Town
11.The Rise And Fall Of The...
12.Honey Child
13.Hey Pachuco (Reprise)
14.Barfiles At The Beach

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy [Swing Music] (1998)

1. The Boogie Bumper
2. Mr. Pinstripe Suit
3. King Of Swing
4. Minnie The Moocher
5. You & Me & The Bottle Makes 3 Tonight (Baby)
6. Jump With My Baby
7. Maddest Kind Of Love
8. Go Daddy-O
9. Please Baby
10. Mambo Swing
11. Jumpin' Jack
12. So-Long-Farewell-Goodby!

lunes, 7 de julio de 2008

The World of Surf Music

01 The Ventures - Pipeline
02 Dick Dale & His Del-Tones - King Of The Surf-Guitar
03 Bob Vaught & The Renegaids - Surfin´ Tragedy
04 The Challengers - Surf-Ari
05 The Tornadoes- Bustin´ Surfboards
06 Shean & Jenkins - Goofy Footer No-Bad
07 Jim Waller & The Deltas - Intoxica
08 The Ventures - The Lonely Sea
09 The Soul Kings - Swingin´ Piper Soul
10 Jim Waller & The Deltas - Let´s Go Surfin´
11 The Surf Raiders - The Curl Rider
12 The Ventures - Perfidia
13 Dick Dale & His Del-Tones - Sloop John B.
14 The Challengers - Cruel Sea
15 Neil Norman - The Perfect Wave
16 The Breakers - Surf Bird
17 The Ventures - Hawaii Five-O
01 The Challengers - Tequila
02 Dick Dale & His Del-Tones - The Victor
03 Gene & The Esquires - Space Race
04 The Surfaris - Louie, Louie (Live)
05 The Challengers - Telstar
06 The Rockin´ Rebels - Wild Weekend
07 The Ventures - Party In Laguna
08 Les Brown Jr. - Surfin´ And Swingin´
09 The Ventures - Walk Don´t Run ´64
10 The Surfaris - Storm Surf
11 The Dave Myers Effect - Hells Racers
12 The Ventures - Lonely Bull
13 The Challengers - Water Country
14 Slacktone - Tidal Wave
15 The Ventures - Sukiyaki
16 Dick Dale & His Del-Tones - The Scavenger
17 The Surfaris - Wipe Out (Live)

DICK DALE And His Del-Tones - Greatest Hits 1961-1976

01-The Scavenger
02-Surf Buggy
03-Hot Rod Racer
05-Surf Beat
06-Grudge Run
07-The Victor
08-Peppermint Man
09-Mr. Eliminator
10-Surfing Drums
11-Mag Wheels
12-Sloop John B
13-Night Rider
14-Let´s Go Trippin´
15-King Of The Surf Guitar
16-The Wedge
17-Those Memories Of You
18-Del-Tone Rock
19-Death Of A Gremmie
20-Get Back The Feelin´
21-Peter Gunn


Bajar de aquí:


01 Fiesta del Rock´n´Roll
02 Que no me vengan a hablar
03 Historia de una chica muy cruel
04 Dama de la noche
05 El mayordomo es el culpable
06 Frívola
07 Doce horas en un garage
08 Pontiac 56
09 Rock y Hot Dogs
10 Primitiva
11 No me enamoro más
12 Rocky Bop

jueves, 3 de julio de 2008


Video: DivX 5 720x528 29.97fps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps
Size: 211 MB
The CrampsLive @ Napa State Mental Hospital 1978
Track list:
01. Mystery Plane
02. The Way I Walk
03. Whats Behind The Mask
04. Human Fly
05. Domino
06. Love Me
07. Twist And Shout
08. TV Set

1. Boppin' At The Hop
2. My Baby Wants Me
3. Buick 55
4. High Tail It Out
5. I Got The Bug
6. Rock It To The Moon
7. Sweet Little Girl
8. Aint That The Truth.
9. My Baby's Waiting At Home
10. Real Mean Mama
11. How You Doin'
12. Rockabilly Man
13. Don't Stop Doin' The Bop
Arsen Roulette - Let's Get On With It

1 Let's Get On With It
2 Chance On Me
3 Messed Up
4 I Do For You
5 Shake It Around
6 Sounds That Charge
7 Bop Away Blues
8 Honky Tonk Alone
9 On The Prowl
10 Lovin' On My Mind
11 Shake Loose
12 Strolling Back To You
Restless - The Lost Sessions

1.All the Time
2.Black Magic
4.It'd Be A Doggone Lie
5.Break Up
6.Devil Doll
7.I'm Comin' Home
8.Love Crazy Baby
9.Goose Bumps
10.Honky Tonk Man
11.Morse Code
12.Put Me Down
Restless - Why Don't You Just Rock


1.It's a Scam
2.Ice Cold
3.Why Don't You Just Rock
4.High Time
5.Last Chance Baby
6.Tag Man Tag
7.Long Black Shiny Car
8.Face In My Gin
9.Yellow Cab to Midnight
10.The Morning Comes Slowly
13.High Time #2
15.That's All Right